Staying the course in 2015

Well, we're pleased as punch to announce that the powers-that-be have agreed to slap down another fiver to keep us in business for at least another year.

That means you can look forward to more high-quality content from the Illogicomedia family of brands, including, featuring, and possibly-only—Illogicopedia.

No, we're not going to link to it.  It's famous and you already know how to get there.

We pledge more idiocy, insanity, and inaneness and we promise to deliver it whenever you want it, so long as you don't mind reading the same crappy articles over and over again. New, original material is hard to come by, and we lost most of the really compelling submissions when we installed the spambot filters.

Still, there should be something worth reading in 2015, even if most of it was written in mid-to-late 2011.



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Good news is good!

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...I've done some spring cleaning: deleting all the inactive user accounts we had... approximately 4,000. This resulted in the loss of a couple of formerly barely-active users, too, but too bad. Write some policy for the org and you'll be fireproof next time.