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More of the same for 2014

It can be tempting to give in to the yearly temptation to change.  Guilt about past failures is so easily soothed by a new resolution to improve... a pledge to do better in the future.

Well, here at the Illogicomedia Foundation, we're above that kind of sissyheaded worry, plus, we wouldn't want to promise more than we can deliver.


THIS IS NOT A JOKE: Illogicopedia has moved

You may recall our original announcement back in August of 2012 where Kim Schoonover ("User:Athyria") cc'd us her Dear John letter to Mr. Carl Bennett, announcing that Illogicopedia wanted a divorce and that he could keep the house because they were moving out...

September (2013) update on the Illogicopedia Server Migration

The Illogicomedia Foundation is pleased to announce that there has been a substantive change in the migration of the site from Captain Carl's Freebie Hosting, to some unspecified potentially-better-but-possibly-not host.


Foundation welcomes first regular user

Today the Illogicomedia Foundation would like to recognize a first in our history: a registered user that visits regularly.


UPDATE: Illogicopedia is actually moving. Changing servers. For real. Really for real. We promise promise or hope to die, with a banana in our eye.

Moving time!

Okay.  So the April relocation slipped a bit. Fell, really...


Illogicomedia has moved!

I just wanted to mention that today, July 2, 2013, we changed web host providers.

That's it. It was that simple.


After 9 months, the Polls finally work

We need help changing the world

We look for people.

People who make us go.

We are smart.

We are strong.

See the Job openings page for more information.

Your first job is finding the page.

Hey, what up, noobs!?

As one of the shadow founders of this site, it's my job to make occasional grand entries. This is one.

One of my other jobs is to create policies and make announcements about rules... and one of the rules that is consistently misunderstood around here is the prime directive: "We Are Not Persuasive".  That ain't what we about. Ya feeling me homies?


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